Why cricut won't cut?

Be sure to use a Cricut brand razor. Inspect the blade and blade housing and remove any debris that may be stuck to the blade or stuck in the blade housing. Once clean, make a test cut. If the blade and housing are already free of debris, or if cleaning has not helped, proceed to step 3.If you try 1-7 and the machine is still malfunctioning, proceed with the specific solutions listed below.

It's hard to estimate the right height. So, change the height of the blade to about 6 (1 mm) and adjust it from there. If the mat is too strong or not strong enough, the project will not be cut properly. You add an image to your design and Cricuts asks you to make the purchase instead of letting you make your design.

It seems to me that it is better to indicate the configuration of the material in Cricut Design Space than in the Cricut dial. If you have problems with the operation of your Cricut, I suggest you contact Cricut Member Support. For print and cut designs, Cricut places a large black rectangle (known as a registration mark) around the design when you print it. Knowing when it's time to change your Cricut Blade is something you start to feel and start to notice when your blade starts to dull.

If your Cricut isn't cutting where it's set up on the mat preview screen, then you'll want to contact Cricut's member support team for troubleshooting suggestions. These are all the tips I use every time I'm going to cut something, and I almost always have clean cuts on my three Cricut because of it. The first time you use the knife or rotary knife, Cricut Design Space will guide you through the steps required to calibrate your machine for the tool. Do not use the gray cap blades, they are made for older Cricut machines and are too long for Cricut Explore and Makers.

To do this on a Cricut Explore, simply turn the dial to Custom and you will be prompted to choose the material before cutting it. Check the packaging you need to use the Premium Fine-Point blade (German carbide) with the Cricut Explore and the Cricut Maker. We recommend using an 8.5″ x 11″ inkjet printer and white materials for all your Cricut Explore Print and Cut projects.