Which cricut can cut wood?

The Cricut Maker 3 quickly and accurately cuts over 300 materials, from the most delicate paper and fabric to the toughest materials such as cardboard, leather and balsa wood. Denser than balsa wood, basswood has a smooth and even wood grain, an ideal surface for clean cuts to create models, toys, puzzles or even small gift boxes. It can be easily painted and stained without having to seal it first. This was the main reason I bought this machine.

My favorite material for cutting is linden. It has opened up a whole new world of craft projects for me. The cricut maker can cut basswood, balsa wood and veneer. Learn how to cut basswood here and how to cut wood veneer here.

It can cut fine balsa and linden wood. The Cricut can also cut the official Cricut Chipboard product. Also share a little bit about the Cricut Maker, what else can the knife blade cut and the differences between using different types of wood in your Cricut. And with that, I want to dive into everything you need to know about using the Cricut knife blade to cut wood.

The Deep CUT blade is for an older machine and should not be used for cutting machines in the Cricut Explore family. So (if you want to make a chipboard craft), you just have to use the official Cricut Chipboard product. Therefore, Cricut recommends cutting about 1 inch off the right side of the material so that it doesn't interfere or get caught in the star wheels. Now that you know a little bit about how to use the Cricut knife blade to cut wood, there are three steps you should follow if this is your first time using it on your Machine.

For over a decade, I've been sharing Cricut tutorials and craft ideas here and on my YouTube channel. One of the main reasons why Cricut Maker is my main die cutting machine is its versatility for cutting a wide range of materials. This process is essential because it teaches your Cricut Maker that the blade housing of the knife is now connected to the machine, it needs to know how to use what is connected to it. If you want to add some wood crafts to your Cricut project list, you can't go too far wrong picking up balsa wood from your local hobby shop.

Not only does it apply more pressure than the Cricut Explore Air 2, but it is also faster and has a number of adaptive tools. It makes a series of cuts that cut thicker and denser materials such as balsa wood, leather, matte board and Cricut chipboard with ease and precision.