What cricut mat is best for vinyl?

Try making a “Love You More” sign or ironed blanket with the StandardGrip machine mat. The FabricGrip mat is a reusable adhesive cutting mat that combines greater strength and density plus a lightweight adhesive perfect for a wide variety of fabrics. For use with Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore family machines and Rotary Blade or Bonded-Fabric Blade. A “Cricut” mat is the surface on which you cut all your projects.

Right now, there are four different types of mats, Light Grip (blue), Standard Grip (green), Strong Grip (purple) and Fabric (pink). The Cricut LightGrip mat is the ideal mat for many people. Cricut recommends cutting the lightest materials such as copy paper (printer paper), fine cardstock, vellum, construction paper and vinyl on the blue LightGrip mat. However, personally it seems to me that these materials cut well on this rug only when the rug is quite new.

But, when you need to cut vellum, a sticky blue LightGrip mat is definitely the best choice. We also use the standard grip mat for thicker cardstock, around 60-110 lb. Cardstock and other medium weight materials. The purple mat, or the StrongGrip cutting mat, is the mat I use for all those projects with heavy materials, including those that are only for Cricut Maker.

The StrongGrip cutting mat is the strongest adhesive mat offered by Cricut. For any craftsman who wants to do more than just cardboard and vinyl projects, the StrongGrip cutting mat is a must-have for your craft room. The StandardGrip mat will probably be your go-to mat for most of your projects. It grips well and still comes loose quite easily.

Use it for cardboard, all types of adhesive vinyl and thermoadhesive vinyl. If you are not sure which mat to use, this is a good option to try first. I know that Cricut mats can be quite expensive over time, but by covering them after finishing the cutting process, washing them occasionally and taking good care of them overall, you can extend their lifespan. If you're cutting thick materials in your Cricut Maker with the knife blade, you'll want to always use the Purple StrongGrip mat.

I understand you're going to want to save money, but by spraying adhesive on your Cricut mats, you won't restore them to their original condition. As I mentioned before, the “Cricut” mat is the surface on which you place and cut all your projects. Attaches to any of the Cricut Explore family machines or just with the rotary knife and the Cricut Maker. However, you don't want to use the LightGrip mat with thicker materials as it can slip and you won't get the perfect cuts you're looking for and can even jam your Cricut machine.

I just finished cutting a gold Cricut vinyl that needed a deep cutting blade to cut it, and I couldn't cut it at all without the mat. You need to memorize, or at least have an idea of which mat you should use, because Cricut Design Space will not specify which mat you need to use for different types of materials (although it will tell you which sheet to use). A Cricut mat is the surface on which you perform all your Cricut projects (with the exception of Matless Cutting with Cricut Joy). I sometimes use an older StandardGrip mat when I cut felt or fleece on my Cricut Maker simply because those materials leave a lot of residue and green StandardGrip mats are cheaper to replace than pink FabricGrip mats.

Before I got a Cricut, I was always curious to know why you needed different mats and how difficult it is to get a project off the surface. For starters, I want you to throw away everything you just learned about cleaning Cricut carpets in the previous lesson. But which of the Cricut cutting mats are the right amount of adhesive for your project? Let's talk about this And how to maintain (or restore) stickiness. While this mat was launched with the Cricut Maker machine, it can be used with bonded fabric projects and Cricut Explore machines.

The Cricut FabricGrip pink mat is the newest member of the mat family that came out when the Cricut Maker debuted. . .