How do i contact the cricut ceo?

Ashish Arora is President and CEO of Cricut. I've been a Cricut customer for a long time. I have an Expression and a cabinet full of cartridges. I remember when you joined Cricut and revolutionized product design.

You were front and center animating a new chapter in Cricut's life as a company. You interacted with users, I think I had some exchanges with you. He presented an enthusiastic and empathetic face to the corporation that had been absent for a long time. He assured customers that he wanted to create great products that would help us create great things.

Cricut's roster of experts includes Ashish Arora (CEO), Len Blackwell (CEO), Ryan Harmer (Insider), Donald Olsen (Executive Vice President), Martin Petersen (Chief Financial Officer), Gregory Rowberry (Executive Vice President) and James Squires (CEO). Cricut machines went from niche craft items to being available at large retailers such as Walmart and Target. The policy of charging for more than 20 uploads per month is a slap in the face for Cricut's most creative and passionate users.