Can cricut cut fabric?

The cricut machine is undoubtedly the best for fabric because you don't have to bond the fabric before cutting it. Yes, obviously, they certainly do. I use them to cut fabrics every week (almost daily). Fifty of them are free right now as part of Cricut Access, and there are many more patterns licensed by Simplicity and Riley Blake for a small fee.

I just bought a new Cricut manufacturer that I tried many times to cut cotton material, but it just marks what the problem could be. You may have already heard that the Cricut Maker can cut a large number of different fabrics. Cricut calls it Fusible Fabric, this just means it's ready to merge with your project once it's cut. But the Cricut Maker and, really, all Cricut products are really amazing and all the opinions in this post are 100% my own.

Today I'm doing a free project that I saw for the first time on Cricut's Make-a-Thon weekend with these adorable colorful roller coasters. You can choose from hundreds of Simplicity patterns, Riley Blake Designs patterns or other simple sewing patterns that are ready to make in your Cricut Maker. That's one of the great things about using your Cricut Maker with Design Space online software. I have some tips and test results to share with you to help you get the most out of cutting fabric with your Cricut.

Cricut sells a special sheet for pink bonded fabric that you can use if you want to keep your sheet of fabric separate and easily visible. I am trying to find information on the size of a fabric cut that can be cut with the cricut machine. The best thing about Cricut's fusible fabric is that it's already sized to fit directly on the fabric mat. I've had several friends share projects they've done using it and it worked perfectly, plus my senior contact at Cricut said it's on the list of approved cutting materials.