Are cricut machines worth it?

A cricut not only does a lot of different things, but it does them more efficiently than you could do by hand. It will save you time, prevent your hands from hurting, and you can even save money and materials by efficiently spacing the designs you cut into your material. A Cricut cutting machine is a big investment, so I understand why you're wondering, “Is a Cricut worth it? Here are 10 questions you can ask yourself to decide if it's worth the money. My favorite package to start with is the Cricut Maker 3 Everything pack that comes with the essentials to get you started and a pack of Cricut mats because the package doesn't come with mats.

The smaller Cricut Joy doesn't take up nearly the same amount of space, but you're limited to what it can do. I think the Cricut makes crafting and creating a lot easier and you don't need to be too creative. Now the Cricut Design Space is programmed to automatically position your design and give you the least amount of waste. You may love all the beautiful things in the world, but if you find it easier to buy it on Etsy because you don't feel like doing it yourself, your Cricut won't be used.

I've said it several times in different publications, but when I first heard about the Cricut I really thought that a machine like that wouldn't do me any good. Cricut Design Space is the software that allows you to organize, create and finally cut your projects. You can use Cricut's infusible ink to make shirts, bags, coasters and home décor projects like a monogrammed pillow. If you have never used an electronic cutting machine, using a Cricut will really exercise all your patience.

Now you'll be able to do a lot, LOTS of things with your Cricut, so I'm not saying this to discourage you from buying one. Keep in mind that if you want to use Cricut images and fonts, you need to download them (while you're online) to use them offline in the future. As much as I really think the Cricut is an amazing creation tool that you can use all the time, I've thought about some cases where you might want to postpone buying one. But after seeing it in live action, after getting a Cricut and working with the Cricut team for the past six years, I've realized that this is absolutely one of the best tools I have to do all kinds of things.

Physical cartridges can be inserted into some machines (Explore One, Air and Air), and digital cartridges can be purchased on the Cricut website or Design Space. There are several different Cricut models available today, and in their most basic form, Cricut are cutting machines.